We believe that the cornerstone of traditional marketing—the idea of making people want stuff—has become increasingly irrelevant. So where does that leave a marketing services firm? Well, the mainstay of our work is just the opposite: make stuff that people want. Consumers today are information-seekers. They're platform agnostic and want tailored information that tells a story bigger than what's being sold. The most successful marketing today responds in kind by providing valuable, entertaining and shareable content—material that educates, fosters intimacy, lays off the hard sell and never interrupts. While many marketers have simply changed where they perform their work—digital and social instead of print and television—we think beyond the medium, focusing on how we can build a relationship prior to purchase, communicate both value and values and shape opinions across entire sectors. That's how we define content marketing. It’s not for everybody, but we think we’re pretty good at it.


The Captains of Industry Manifesto

What We Believe

Founded in 2001, Captains sought to inject new thinking into the marketing landscape, helping clients solve tough communications challenges in unconventional ways. This ethos is embodied in our Manifesto, a series of posters that serve as a blueprint for our marketing philosophy and customer-focused approach. One of most important of these principles is that you don’t need big agency—you need a big idea. We deal in big ideas. We create captivating stories. And we work strategically and collaboratively with clients to develop campaigns that help them stand out, get results and change the world.

At Captains of Industry, we specialize in creative content marketing. Simply put, our content-driven approach pulls the right customers to our clients’ brands and engages them on a deeper level—and at lower cost—than traditional paid advertising.